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Cold Applied Liquid Roofing

In the past, cold applied liquid roofing referred to liquid-based roofing that did not need to be heated during installation. Today, this term has a much broader meaning. It is used to describe a number of roofing solutions, including liquid-applied membranes, cold adhesive bitumen membranes, and even cold built-up roofing systems.

At Watkin Flat Roofing, we have been proving cold applied liquid roofing solutions for many years, and our understanding of these roofing technologies is unparalleled. Over the years, we have helped dozens of happy commercial building owners with the installation and maintenance of cold-applied liquid roofing, and our reputation is above board.


Benefits of Cold Applied Liquid Roofing

If you are looking for a dependable flat roofing solution for your domestic or commercial building, here are some of the reasons you can opt to go for cold-applied liquid roofing.

No Seams and Flushing Challenges

One of the unique benefits that are associated with cold-applied liquid roofing has to do with the fact that it eliminates seams and the expenses that are associated with the installation of flashing and termination bars. Since cold applied liquid roofing systems are monolithic, they are self-flushing, meaning that they are an excellent choice when it comes to dealing with roofing situations with complex details.

Great for balconies/walkways/stairs

Liquid roofing is great for overlaying balconies, making walkways anti slips or ever using its available vivid colours to highlight steps.  Liquid roofing on balconies is especially useful where complex detailing is needed around balustrade/handrail posts. With a selection of colours, hard wearing properties and anti-slip finishes, liquid roofing makes the ideal balconies covering.

It non-intrusive

In most cases where the roof substrate does not need to be replaced, Liquid roofing can be applied directly over the existing roof and does not need use the of nosey gas torchs, drills and shovels. Ideal for ‘quiet’ areas like hospitals, libraries or schools, where excessive noise is not an option, Liquid roofing could be the best solution.


Overall, it is apparent that cold-applied roofing is one of the best modern roofing technologies you can invest in. The roofing solution is not only durable but also affordable. If you are looking for a roofing services provider offering cold applied liquid roofing services in Hertfordshire, UK, Watkins Flat Roofing is an excellent roofing contractor to consider. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and the cold applied liquid roofing solutions that we offer.

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